Need Life , car and home insurance ?

Need Life , car and home insurance ?

Is Your Car Insurance Too High? Turo to the Rescue!

Being a car-owner in Canada has its pros and cons. You don’t have to rely on public transport to get around, but you also have the responsibility to keep up with your car insurance payments. And depending on a range of factors such as the type of car you drive, your driving record and even where you live, your car insurance premiums can be a bit higher than you would like. In comes Turo;It’s the latest company in the ride- sharing economy to hit the Canadian marketplace. Turo is a peer-to-peer car sharing company that arranges for private car owners to rent out their vehicle. It’s one of the most innovative ways to reduce your car insurance costs.

Turo Offsets Your Car Insurance Rates

Car owners who rent their vehicle through Turo can earn $500 a month, and that money can then go towards your monthly car insurance premium. Getting registered, or started with Turo is quite easy. Using your phone, you head to to register. Follow the simple step by step process to register your vehicle, list availability and set your own rental price. There is no cost to register, however Turo takes 25% from every rental booked through their service. It’s a nominal cost when compared to what you earn over a period. Not only does this pay for your car insurance, you have some extra pocket change as well!

You Have Car Insurance Protection When Covered by Intact

Turo is very safe to use. And unlike many businesses in the sharing economy, Turo has the appropriate car insurance policy for those that are insured with Intact and have registered with Intact is the only market in Canada that provides those sharing their vehicles on Turo with

the proper car insurance coverage.

While you use your vehicle for personal use, Intact’s car insurance protects your vehicle while it is being used by a Turo customer. Turo’s commercial policy is the most appropriate form of car insurance available when renting your car. This is a very efficient and effective way to manage your risk and we look forward to helping you arrange the proper coverage. Unlike the ride sharing program, this additional insurance protection is provided to you without any additional cost!

Car Users Are Properly Screened

For people who use vehicles on the Turo website, they too must register and provide some basic information. Everything possible is done to pre-qualify those who are going to use your Turo registered vehicle.

Turo weeds out potential customers who may be problematic, but you have to be comfortable renting your car out to people you may not know.

Consider Switching Your Car Insurance to Intact

Switching to Intact is one of the best things you can do for yourself as a vehicle owner. The average car insurance policy typically does not cover situations of car-sharing and renting. If you wish to register with Turo, you should also consider looking at better options for car insurance. Your Navigators Insurance Broker can help you in this process.

Intact is the only insurance company to quickly adapt to the new ideas that take off in the ride-sharing marketplace. Their insurance policies give you the flexibility to use your vehicle in a profitable way without incurring complications or additional costs with your car insurance premiums.

Intact already offers great coverage for Uber drivers, but the difference with Turo is that you don’t have to be the one driving to make money. Turo allows you to earn even if you do not plan on being a driver for others.


Car insurance can be costly, but with Turo it doesn’t have to be. In addition to doing your homework and working closely with an Intact Broker to lower your premiums, you can also use your car to earn additional income to pay for those premiums. Turo’s rental system is safe, reliable and properly insured. If your car insurance provider is not Intact, then you now have an incentive to switch over, because Intact always keeps abreast with the latest innovations that take place in the ride-sharing economy. The only requirement is that you are a registered car owner and your vehicle is in good working condition. Turo is already operating across the US and is now working with Intact to allow Canadians to enjoy the benefits of ride-sharing- without incurring additional costs or risk. Car owners don’t have to shoulder the entire financial burden of owning a car, while renters have an alternative to public transportation and expensive taxis.

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