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learn how to day trade for beginners .

best online brokerage for short selling

best online brokerage for short selling

I have been trading stocks for a decade and it is very important to find a trusted broker. Indeed, investing in a scam’s pocket isn’t going to bring any revenue. That is why I encourage you to have your own blacklist of brokers and trading platforms and hinder them and create a list of trusted brokers who deliver speed ,low price and inventory .

I extremely appreciate your intention to search out a trustworthy broker. Indeed, investing in a very scam’s pocket is not aiming to bring any revenue. that’s why I encourage you to have your own blacklist of brokers and trading platforms and hinder them.

As for recommendations, the subsequent list is my personal trading brokers high supported alternative traders’ reviews.

E-trade is unquestionably a trending one in every of the beginner investors. Even more, the platform has associate capitalist Education Centre that helps tons to style and outline an improved strategy. the sole disadvantage I will consider, it’s not for tiny budgets as a result of if you create under a hundred and fifty trades throughout 1 / 4 (three months) the fee is around 1

0$ per trade.

At the opposite edge is Interactive Brokers with significantly smaller commissions, however it’s far and away not for novices or half time traders and needs full commitment. in addition the account minimum is a minimum of $10,000. it’s rather designed for those that build a living out of mercantilism.

To diversify the list, there ar even brokers with a minimum account of 0$. to Illustrate, Ameritrade has no minimum boarder. Even more, it’s supposed for the portfolio building recommendation, however another time the per trade commission is kind of expensive (9.99$).

These 3 ar the foremost prolific from my observations, however do not hesitate to do alternative brokers, particularly if they furnish you a shot amount of your time.

8 Stock Market Secrets Your Portfolio Advisor Hide From You!

8 Stock Market Secrets Your Portfolio Advisor Hide From You!

I believe this is a great and decent time to raise the question that how does  the stock market really work and what brokers do for you to help you? The answers to those questions might improve your portfolio’s results and the way you approach the stock market. when measuring many money experts, we have a tendency to compiled an inventory of ten belongings you did not comprehend the securities market (but should):The market had an outstanding performance over the last 3 years. Despite the grumbling, the quality & Poor’s five hundred Index is up concerning a hundred since the market bell-bottom out over 3 years ago.

2-Social media predicts the securities market. Scientists reportable AN eighty seven.6% accuracy rate in predicting daily changes within the stock indexIndustrial Average once they studied the mood of large-scale Twitter feeds(link is external).

3-Since Todays market is surpass robots, not people. The overwhelming majority of trades placed a day are not done by huge quality management companies, however floor traders and computerized recursive models searching for short worth discrepancies, Experts say. we have a tendency to saw what happened once a computer code bug helped trigger dealer Knight Capital’s mercantilism errors to the tune of $450 million.

4-Some of broker’s allegiance might not be with you. There could also be times with a agent allies himself together {with his|along with his} shareholders instead of with his purchasers, says surface-to-air missile of education at on-line mercantilism Academy.

5-The “most attractive deal” might of course be AN overvalued investment. if you remember the Facebook’s $38 initial public giving worth ought to are a red flag for investors. The social media big lacked robust earnings or income, however it additionally suffered from “technical errors” and “trading issues” on its information system debut. The SEC continues to analyze who’s guilty.Education features a higher come on investment. The Brookings establishment (link is external)reported that long investments in stocks, bonds or housing might come less profit than obtaining a school degree. the advantages of a four-year faculty degree are resembling AN investment that returns 15.5% annually,

6-Most new and experience traders haven’t got an instantaneous association to the market. you may expect that once you push send or decision your broker that the trade is instantly placed. however your broker decides that market to send it to, and costs will modification before it reaches its destination. Investors might not continually receive the worth they saw on their screen or the worth their broker quoted over the phone, consistent with capitalist.

7-You should always remember that paying additional for a stock than it’s value, and you will continually sell it for fewer than it’s value. It’s referred to as a bid-ask unfold. the reason for the discrepancy? Purchasers pay the raise worth whereas sellers receive the terms.

8-Your complete invested with portfolio’s returns and volatility rely on whether or not you have chosen high or low beta stocks. ne’er detected of it? insecure stocks that have a beta of two can have higher volatility within the market. Apple features a beta of .74, whereas McDonald’s features a beta of .40. If you would like to scale back risk and some profit increase the amount of low beta stocks in your portfolio.Big bank establishments purchase once the stock tanks and sell once it’s high,  We’re all shopping for within the same market, thus what is the catch? Most investors are wired to shop for once the market is rallying. however establishments do the alternative.

3 Option Trading Strategies that works in any market

3 Option Trading Strategies that works in any market

All trading requires in depth analysis and preparation if one expects to have success. There are many factors that can provide a roadmap or edge while trading. Putting the day’s trading plan in the context of the expected range can help traders manage their expectations. Putting the day’s range in the context of a larger timeframe like the weeklies, can provide an additional layer of context.

A simple way to estimate the daily range is by using an ATR (Average True Range) function. The Average True Range is the day’s, or week’s range plus any gaps that may be unfilled from the last time-period. For instance, if the SPY had a daily range of $4.30 but gapped up from yesterdays close by 0.25, the true range would be $4.55.

An Average True Range will be based on a look-back period. The look-back period can be ten to twenty periods, or whatever the trader sees as representative of the current trading environment.

The ability to set targets or construct trades utilizing normal market behavior is a confidence booster.

Using this data can be simple. Let us assume one is trading the front month of an oil futures contract.  As a day-trader, it could be advantageous to know statistically what a given day’s range is likely to look like. We can get a good representation by using our ATR function. Consider some recent data.


The Top 3 Option Trading strategies that 70% are successful

1- Iron Condor
2- Covered Call
3-Jade Lizard

5 tips to follow that make you a better trader.

5 tips to follow that make you a better trader.

Not having a plan

“The most common mistake traders make is entering a trade without a good plan,” says Toni Turner, author of “A Beginner’s Guide to Day Trading Online.”

“Nearly every mistake can usually be traced to trading without a plan.” Too many rookie day traders enter the market without appreciating that they are wading into potentially dangerous waters. Protective planning against losses means determining your entry price for buying a particular stock, your exit price and an escape price — also known as a stop loss.

2. Misusing margin

If there is anything that can destroy a day trader’s account, it’s margin. That’s when you borrow from a broker to buy securities. If used properly, margin is a valuable tool that can boost profits and give traders breathing room. When margin is used improperly, financing a trade with borrowed money can be dangerous to your wealth. In the past, many people misused margin, borrowing more from the brokerage than they could afford. It wiped out some traders’ accounts and helped to give day trading a bad name. It’s best to day trade with money you actually have, not money you borrowed.

3. Chasing trades

One of the most common day-trading errors is chasing a fast-moving stock on the way up or down. More than likely, this could lead to an unprofitable trade. “When we see a stock go higher and higher, we all want to join in the celebration,” Turner says. “The problem is that experienced traders are going out the back door while new traders are coming in.” If you miss a stock on the way up or down, let it go. There will be other trading opportunities.

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4. Not understanding market and limit orders

Not everyone agrees on which is best — market orders or limit orders. A market order is an order to buy or sell a stock at the current market price. With a limit order, you can establish your maximum or minimum price for trading a security. Market orders get filled fast, but you let the market control your order. Conversely, limit orders allow you to control the parameters.

“Now that spreads are a penny or two on many stocks, limit orders make no sense,” says Deron Wagner, founder and head trader of Morpheus Trading Group. “You could miss a fast-moving stock just to save a few cents.” With high-quality liquid stocks, you can use either a market or limit order.

5. Listening to tips

At least once, nearly every trader gets fooled into buying stocks based on tips from persuasive sources. Even when the tipsters are right, they aren’t there to tell you when to sell. It takes a lot of self-control to keep your ears closed, but successful day traders rely on their own judgment — not on what others are saying.


Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom

The FED Pushed the Dollar into Overdrive on Wednesday, EUR/USD at its Lowest in 14 Years

Author: Eric Furstenberg/Thursday, December 15, 2016/Categories: Daily Opportunities

I like it when the market makes big moves. It’s always easier to make money in a trending market than in a range-bound market. I hope you stayed on the right side of the prevailing trends today, and you must have made some profits if you held long dollar exposure. You see, trading financial instruments becomes much easier as soon as you align yourself with the prevailing trends. The trend is your friend. That is something that will never change.


I’m excited about the multi-year lows that were set by the EUR/USD today. Before Thursday, this pair traded in a wide range of about 1200 pips for almost two years. So finally we have a fresh low to work with. The 2015 low, which was broken on Thursday, was a very significant technical level. You can know for sure that every fund manager and every currency trading institution in the world has taken note of what happened in the EUR/USD today. Let’s look at a few charts:

EUR/USD Daily Chart

Thursday’s trading volume on the EUR/USD was above average. Volume is very important in trading. High trading volume is often an important confirmation of trend direction. Let’s take this last daily bar as an example. The candle was a large bearish one which closed close to its low. The volume was above average which tells us that there will probably be some follow through selling in the days to come. Of course, there could be a pause or a weak retracement, but the probability of the pair moving lower over the course of the next two weeks is very high.

Some traders like to trade the initial break of a significant level. Others prefer to wait for a breakout-retest setup before entering. Then you get traders who split their position between the two. The breakout has already occurred, so we need to wait for a retracement to achieve the most optimal short entry. Have you ever wondered where the big boys park their orders? Look at the following chart:

EUR/USD Daily Chart

Look at the green entry zone on this chart. There are definitely a bunch of large sell orders lying in this region. If we get a retracement into this zone, it could be a great opportunity to enter short. The horizontal black line is at 1.04624, which is the 2015 low.

Parity. A small word, but a massive psychological level for the EUR/USD. With Thursday’s important technical break, parity is the next major level ahead. If the current US dollar strength persists, the 1.0000 level could soon be on the cards. The Eurozone still faces many economic and political risks which could put further pressure on the Euro, and of course, on the EUR/USD.

I’m currently holding short exposure on the EUR/USD and I would like to add some more short positions if we get a run-up into the zones mentioned in the chart above. The EUR/USD is not the only pair with great potential, though. Let’s look at the AUD/USD:


AUD/USD Daily Chart

I have been eyeing this resistance zone for quite a while now. This resistance zone, backed by the 200-day moving average, was just too much for the bulls to overcome. The impulsive decline over the last two days compels us to choose the short side on this pair. I am already short on the AUD/USD, and I think we still have much downside available on this pair.

Of course, there are many other pairs with much potential. On Wednesday evening and on Thursday, I played long positions on the USD/CAD, USD/CHF, USD/JPY, other Yen crosses, and the DAX. I also sold gold for a juicy intraday profit. As mentioned above, I am also short EUR/USD and AUD/USD. The trends on these instruments could easily provide some more profits in the days ahead, so keep an eye open for opportunities on them.