Life Insurance

Life Insurance


Many of us love to think about insurance just for our car and home and life insurance. Never the less you might want to know that you could also insure your asset and in this case your investment such as stocks.




Your home

One of the major differences between condo and homeowners insurance is the protection of your building as well as everything inside it. It also covers items such as sheds, gazebos, adult-sized playgrounds, and other outdoor structures.


This will cover all your personal belongings, AKA your “stuff” in case of theft, fire, water damage or pretty much anything else that could happen. From your collection of shoes to that vintage guitar you never play (but definitely will…someday), your contents are all the things you’ve bought, meant to re-gift and borrowed but forgot to return to a friend.


As the saying goes, accidents happen. For instance, if the delivery guy slips and injures himself, your insurance policy will extend to cover liability claims.

Sewer Backup

Gross right? Your insurance policy will cover losses from the backing up of sewage into your home or damage caused by water escaping from appliances or a pipe that bursts.

Replacement Cost

This covers the cost of replacing all your contents and your home itself. This means that you get what it will cost to get an item of like-kind & quality. If you have a couch that is 5 years old, but a similar one costs $1,000 to buy, then you will get the $1,000 couch. And of course, your house.

Identity Theft

If someone, let’s call them that guy, steals your identity, your policy coverage will kick in to cover most expenses you will incur due to the damage that was caused. This includes everything from legal fees to professional fees charged by lawyers or notaries to defense costs and even cover loss of income! The coverage even extends to your spouse, children under 21 and relatives living in your home.